National Island All

Market Details

Description Physical Size
Loop Length
Dynamic Digital
AlbuquerqueBack to back 84 LCDs in lobby 1920x1080
Albuquerque70 Arrival LCD 1920x1080
Albuquerque70 Bag Claim LCDs 3 packages (123) 1920x1080
Atlantic City2x2s and FID screens throughout airport .wmv for motion requires a manual upload1920x1080
AlexandriaBID screens 1280x76884 LG
Alexandria1x LCD in Bag Claim 1920x1080
AlexandriaParagon Casino dedicated LCD 1920x1080
Antigua10x 65 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
Antigua3x 55 Immigration LCDs 1920x1080
Atlanta68x Overhead Zeus LED boards Not all installed yet as of 8/8/171280x360
Atlanta18x Bag Claim LCD network None installed as of 8/8/171920x1080
Atlanta22x Side Wall HD Video Walls Not all installed yet as of 8/8/171920x1080
Atlanta19x Side Wall Panoramic Video Walls Not all installed yet as of 8/8/173840x108084180 seconds
Atlanta8x 2 Sided LCD Screens Not ours
Atlanta3x3 Monster Media Video Wall(s)
Aruba3x Vertical 80 LCDs No internet connection manual updates only1080x1920
ArubaArrivals Zeus LED 1536x768
Aruba6x 75 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
Aruba100% of arrivals and departures8x 55 Immigration LCDs 1920x108060 seconds
Austin8x 42 FIDs 1080x1920
AustinPackage of 5 Concourse LCDs 1080x1920
AustinPackage of 6 Large Format LCDs 1080x1920
AustinPackage of 2 Zeus LEDs 1280x768
AustinPackage of 6 Bag Claim LCDs Broken into 3 networks Bag Claim Ticketing Conc.1920x1080
AustinPackage of 7 Bag Claim LCDs Windows 101920x1080
AustinPackage of 2 Bag Claim LEDs 1980x480
AustinOur side of the video walls 3804x106284
Wilkes Barre2x LEDs in Bag claim Windows 10
KalamazooBag Claim LCD Windows 101920x1080
BradleyConcourse Towers new units1080x1920
Bradley100% of arrivals and departuresLizboards 1920x108070 diagonal80 seconds
BradleyArrivals 70 LCD 1920x1080
BradleyPK6 Bag Claim screens and arrivals 70 1920x1080
BradleyVarious Digitial Visitor Info Center codes Windows 10
BradleyArrivals Lobby 84 LCD Windows 101920x108084180 seconds
Bakersfield82 and 75 LCDs in Bag Claim 1920x1080
Bangor84 LCD in bag claim Windows 101920x108060 seconds
Bismarck4x 65 LCD 1920x108060 seconds
BismarckVarious Digitial Visitor Info Center codes Windows 10
NashvilleInfax BIDs .mp4 or .jpg1280x768
BonaireAbsen LED Windows 10576x324
Baton Rouge100% of Bag Claim2x 80 LCDs 1920x108070 diagonal60 seconds
Belize100% of Concourse B 50% of Concourses A and C84 Concourse LCD 1920x108092 diagonal60 seconds
Belize100% of arrivals and departures2x 55 LCDs in Immigration Windows 101920x108070 diagonal80 seconds
ColumbiaInfax Exiting at the end of 20141366x768
Akron 1920x1080
Akron 1920x1080
Akron 5760x2160
CC OutdoorTypical CCO billboard dim 1400x400
CC OutdoorTypical CCO billboard dim 840x400
ClevelandDirectory LCD 1280x720
Cleveland4 LCDs above visitor information centers Eyecycle removed1920x1080
Cleveland3 Soffit screens Con A and C- Adshow Con B Eyecycles1920x1080
Cleveland2x2 vidwall 3 Location with 4 screens each- updated to Adshow WMP. Concourse C is hardwired A and B units are wireless WAN.1920x1080
Cleveland5 PCs for 10 BB screens LCDs replaced scrollers1920x1080
ClevelandAccuweather tower ad URL from flightview205x768
Columbus4x FID LCDs 1280x768
ColumbusAirport videowall .mp4 motion only on 30 sec ads16320x3072
Columbus3x screens at welcome center 1920x108070 diagonal60 seconds
Columbus100% of arrivals on respective concourse7x 70 Bag Belt LCD 1920x1080202 w x 45 h60 seconds
ColumbusConcourse B East and West7x 70 Bag Belt LCD 1920x108012 w x 7.5 h30 seconds (unless dominational has been purchased)
Columbus75% of Terminal A3x 80 Concourse LCDs 1920x108017 w x 10 h60 seconds
Columbus75% of Terminal B1x 70 Soffit LCDs 1920x108017 w x 10 h60 seconds
Columbus3x 2x1 Video stripe 3840x108065 x 3
Colorado Springs5x 42 LCDs 1280x720
Colorado Springs75% of Terminal C2x2 1920x108014 w x 8 h60 seconds
Corpus Christi2x 75 LCDs 1920x108070 diagonal60 seconds
Corpus Christi1x 9.45 W x 7.56 H Absen LED 720x576
Daytona Beach65 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
Daytona Beach55 Visitor Info LCD 1920x1080
Daytona BeachConcourse LED 504x28865/55 diagonal
ReaganPK3VW-2 1680x480
Reagan100% of North terminal baggage claim.PK15LCD-1 1920x108042w x 72h90 seconds
ReaganPK3VW-1 2040x600
Reagan2x Video Walls (Client Exclusive) 3840x1080
Denver4x Vertical 70 LCDs 1080x1920
DenverPackage of 2 vertical Westin FID LCDs 1080x1920
Denver100% of Concourse A B C and international passengers4x 70 Meridian-flanked LCDS 1920x10801/3 of screen (running along side of CNN Broadcast)60 seconds
Denver100% of concourse A tram users.8x Bag Claim 70 LCDs Updated to 2014.08.26-4:18PM Flash 16 Windows updates etc.1920x108011.5w x 8h60 seconds
DenverPackage of 4 2x2 escalator video walls 1920x1080
Denver100% of Concourse A B C and international passengers3x3 Monster Media Video Wall 1920x1080(8) 14w x 8h and (22) 45w x 25h60 seconds
DenverTram 3x1 vert Not WMP have to use Quicktime here2304x1366
DenverPackage of 2 2x5 video walls in A 4096x922
DenverPackage of 2 2x5 video walls in B 4096x922
DenverPackage of 2 2x5 video walls in C 4096x922
DenverPackage of 2 2x5 video walls in MT Southwest exclusive4096x922
DenverLED towers 576x512
Denver100% of ArrivalsVarious Southwest verticals in security Southwest exclusive75 diagonal
Des Moines2x Bag Claim LED screens Part of PK2VW and PK3VW720x360
Des Moines1x Lobby LED screen Part of PK2MIX and PK3VW810x450
Des Moines1x security LCD - 75 Part of PK2MIX and LCD-11920x1080
Des Moines11x CNN Hold Room 52 LCDs MP4 w/ h264 15 or 30 sec time slots1920x1080
DetroitConcourse A Tram LCDs 4 tram cars 2 cars per screen1024x768
DetroitDelta FID network McNamara FID Package. 14 double screen landscape locations.1280x768
DetroitNorth terminal digital Walkway screens North Digital Package Walkway ad1360x768
DetroitNorth terminal digital Vidwall screens North Digital Package Vidwall ad1360x768
Detroit100% of Concourse D6x VIC LCDs Not timesync version. LAN is mix of hardwired and wireless.1920x108057 diagonal60 seconds
Detroit100% of Concourse DNorth terminal digital Hold rooms full North Digital Package Holdroom full screen ad 6 times per hour.1920x10801/3 of screen (running along side CNN Broadcast)60 seconds
DetroitCNN Network tower portion McNamara Digital Package tower runs 54 times per hour.240x480
DetroitNorth terminal digital Hold rooms tower North Digital Package Holdroom tower ad 54 times per hour.240x480
DetroitTerminal 2CNN Network full screen portion McNamara Digital Package full screen runs 6 timer per hour.640x480
DetroitDelta FID network McNamara FID package. 2 vertical style locations packaged with 14 double screen landscape locations.768x1280
DetroitNorth terminal digital FID screens North Digital Package FID ad768x1360
DetroitPackage of 18 Meridian attractor loop LAN is mix of hardwired and wireless.768x960
Panama City2x 70 LCDs 1920x1080
Panama City46 LCD 1920x1080
Panama City46 LCD 1920x1080
El PasoPackage of 4 Bag claim LCDs 1920x1080
El PasoPackage of 8 Concourse LCDs 1920x1080
El paso4x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
El PasoMain Hallway LCD 1920x1080
El PasoPackage of 2 soffit LEDs 960x256
El PasoVarious Digital Visitor Info Center spots
Fargo5x 82 BC and Concourse LCDs 1920x1080
Fargo1x Meridian Screensaver / Attractor 768x980
Fargo1x Meridian Meridian only
Fresno2x 65 LCDs Moved to AP2 with refurb1920x1080
FresnoAirport video wall 4096x1536
Fresno1x Meridian Screensaver / Attractor 768x980
Various9x Signature flight Support Lobby LCDs 1920x1080
Flagstaff65 LCD 1920x1080
Fort Lauderdale24x Bag Belt 46 LCDs 1920x1080
Fort Lauderdale6x 70 Concourse LCDs 1920x1080
Fort Lauderdale100% of baggage claimDPASS digital banner These units removed.5760x108057 diagonal4 minutes
Flint2x BC 75 1 x con 75 1920x1080
Grand Cayman55 Column LCD 1920x1080
Grand Cayman2x 70 Bag Claim LCD 1920x1080
Grand Cayman2x 70 Immigration LCDs 1920x108075 diagonal
Grand Turk70 LCD 1920x1080
GrenadaPackage of 3 75 LCDs in BC / Immig. 1920x1080
Grenada~8x5 N4 Absen LED 576x360
GulfportAll Concourse 1280x720
GulfportAll DPASSLCD 1280x72084 LG
GulfportAll Bag Claim 1280x720
Gulfport70 Soffit LCD 1920x1080
GulfportIP Casino video wall 1920x1080
Gulfport2 - 2x2 46 screens 1920x1080
Greenbay2x LCDs 1920x1080
Killeen2x 70 LCD 1920x1080
Killeen80 LCD over elevator 1920x1080
Grand RapidsAirport owned BIDs 1280x768
Greensboro7x FID LCDs 1080x1920
Greensboro4x 42 Ticketing LCDs 1280x72084
Greensboro4x 80 Back Wall BC 1920x1080
Greensboro6x 46 Arconas LCDs 1920x1080
Greensboro4x 55 Above Kiosk LCDs 1920x1080
Guam100% of North Bag Claim4x Vertical Immigration LCDs 1080x192042 diagonal60 seconds
Guam9x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
GuamCustoms LED
GuamEast and West Concourse LEDs
GuamSecurity LED
Honolulu20x Bag Deck 75 LCDs 1920x1080
Honolulu4x Arrivals LED video walls 576x360
Honolulu2x Ticketing LED video walls 640x360
HuntsvilleBag Claim Package Infax1280x536
HuntsvilleConcourse LCD Package Infax1280x768
Huntsville6x LCDs 1920x1080
HuntsvilleSingle LCD 1920x1080
Huntsville2x2 46 1920x1080
Hyannis3x LCD 1920x1080
DullesPK24LCD-2 1920x1080
DullesPart of PK9MIX 1200x360
DullesPart of PK9MIX 1344x768
DullesPart of PK9MIX 1680x480
DullesPK20LCD-1 1920x1080
Dulles2x Video Walls 3840x1080
DullesPart of PK9MIX 840x480
Witchita 1920x1080
Witchita 1920x1080
WitchitaVarious Digital Visitors Info Center spot
Idaho FallsConcourses A and T2x Vertical 70 Lizboard displays 1080x19207.5 h x 12 w30 seconds (unless domination has been purchased)
Idaho Falls1x 70 Bag Deck LCD 1920x1080
Indianapolis12x 65 LCDs Planar Monitors1920x1080
Indianapolis2x 70 LCDs Planar Monitors1920x1080
Indianapolis4x 65 DPASS LCDs Planar Monitors1920x1080
Indianapolis6x3 46 Sharp 3840x1080 with 3200x1080 live; updated to AdShow w/ timesync 4/27/153200x1080
Kingston4x 70 Bag Belt LCDs Not installed yet1920x1080
Lubbock4x 82 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
Lubbock4x 65 Concourse LCDs 1920x1080
Latrobe46 LCD 1920x1080
Lafayette80 Lux LCD in Bag Claim 80 Lux1920x1080
Little Rock5x BID LCDs Comnet 1280x720
Little Rock3- 2x2 46 Unable to remote to router I will contact mtek to update to AdShow WMP5760x1080
Midland 1920x1080
Montego Bay3x Airport Directory Banners Banner runs at the top of the directory screen map below1080x320
Montego BayTerminal LED 1344x640
Montego BayBag Claim LED 1344x768
Montego Bay8x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
Montego Bay3x Concourse LCDs 1920x1080
Montego Bay6x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
Montego BayImmigration LED 960x512
Kansas City8x Bag Claim 75 LCDs 1920x1080
Harrisburg46 Vertical LCD 1080x1920
Harrisburg8x 55 LCDs 1920x1080
Midway1x 84 LCD 1920x1080
Midway2x Meridian Screensaver/Attractor 768x980
MidwayVarious Southwest inventory in security Southwest exclusive
McAllen4x 70 LCDs 1920x1080
McAllenVarious Digital Visitor Info Center spots
Manchester5 65LCDs 1920x1080
Manchester1 70 2 80 2 55 1920x1080
Miami5x 70 VIC LCDs 1920x1080
MilwaukeeDPASS LCD 1280x768
Milwaukee10x 57 Bag Claim LCDs Can upgrade to mov1920x1080
Milwaukee2x1 55 Samsung LCDs in video wall Rockwell exclusive3840x1080
MilwaukeeConcession Mall FIDs Can upgrade to mov768x1280
Melbourne2x 70 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
Madison3x vertical LCDs 1080x1920
Minneapolis16x 70 LCDs 1920x1080
MinneapolisTerminal 2 Breakout of MSP Bag Claim This breakout includes a code for JUST the 2x T2 LCDs1920x1080
MinneapolisPK8MIX-1 960x576
Minneapolis2x Mystic soffit LCDs Mystic exclusive1920x1080
New Orleans Replaced walk-31080x1920
New Orleans42 BID LCDs 1360x768
New Orleans10x 80 LCDs 1920x1080
New Orleans4x DPASS LCDs 1920x1080
New Orleans3x Bag Claim Escalator LCDs 1920x1080
Montrose2x Bag Claim 65s 1920x1080
Oakland6x Bag Claim LCDs 4 new screens at terminal provided by airport. Departure screen may have been removed. Mix of hardwire and wireless LAN.1920x1080
Oakland2 each term 1920x1080
OaklandDeparture Sec. LCDs 1920x1080
Oklahoma6x 70 LCDs 1920x1080
Oklahoma57 Concourse LCD 1920x1080
Oklahoma2x 46 DPASS LCDs 1920x1080
Omaha4x 65 LCDs 1920x1080
Omaha2x Soffit LCDs Ticker can probably be removed (specs say 1920x940 now)1920x1080
Omaha2-3x2 46 video walls 3x25760x2160
ChicagoUnited Soffit LEDs B or C Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.13181632x476
ChicagoBag Claim LCDs (by terminal) Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.13181920x1080
ChicagoEye level LCDs by terminal Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.13181920x1080
ChicagoMeridian-Flanked 84 LCDs Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.13181920x1080
Chicago3x3 Monster Media Video Wall(s) 1920x1080
Chicago12x Zeus LED network Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.1318480x28882 diagonal
Norfolk10x 70 Bagbelt LCDs Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.13181920x1080
Norfolk12x 80 Concourse LCDs 1920x1080
Norfolk3x2 46 3x25760x2160
Sanford Domestic55 Bag Belt LCDS 1920x1080
Sanford DomesticDomestic 3x3 vidwall 3x31920x1080
Palm Beach 1280x768
Palm Beach5 backwall LCDs 1920x1080
Palm Beach52 Concourse LCD 1920x1080
Palm Beach2x LCDs above DPASS Ticker can probably be removed (specs say 1920x930 now)1920x1080
Newport News2x 65 Soffit LCDs 1920x1080
Philadelphia22x 70 LCDs BCA and BCBC too Bag Claim BCA and BC broken out separately1920x1080
Philadelphia5x 70 LCDs 1920x1080
Philadelphia2x4 Video Wall on Concourse B 4x23840x1080
Philadelphia2x4 Video Wall on Concourse C 3840x1080
PhiladelphiaAdmotion 4x Vertical Screens 1 or 2 4x1 two executions required for reading angle4320x192065 diagonal
Philadelphia53x airport LCDs Various sizes specs
Peoria65 LCD 1920x1080
St. Petersburg8x 55 LCDs on Bag Decks 1920x1080
St. PetersburgMeridian Meridian only
Provodenciales2x 55 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
Provodenciales2x 55 Immigration LCDs 1920x1080
Puerta Plata3x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
Trinidad8x 70 LCDs Had to run this in Quicktime mode due to side-by-side1920x1080
Trinidad2x 55 LCDs 1920x1080
Trinidad2x 5x1 vidwalls Latest AdShow but USB vid adapters wont allow WMP - set to Quicktime9600x1080
Pasco2x Bag Claim LCDs 2x Concourse 1x Concourse player/LCD pending1920x1080
PascoDigital Visitor Info Center
Punta Cana11x mix of LCDs and LEDs 1920x1080
Providence12x Bag Claim LCDs 1280x720
ProvidenceLCDs above visitor information centers 1280x720
Providence2x Soffit LCDs 1920x1080
Portland Maine3x BID screens airport Manual airport updates1024x768
Raleigh3x 57 LCDs? Updated to WMP1920x1080
RaleighDepartures 2x2 videowall 1920x1080
RaleighBag Belt Group 1 Aiport will control Screens as of 4/13/141920x1080
RaleighBag Belt Group 2 Aiport will control Screens as of 4/13/141920x1080
RaleighConcourse LCDs 1920x1080
Raleigh 3240x3840
Reno 1920x1080
Reno 1920x1080
Reno4x GSR1-4 for 4 client exclusive LCDs Client exclusive1920x1080
RenoDigital Visitor Info Center
RoanokePackage of 2 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
RoanokeLobby 3x1 Video Wall plus PK2VW 5760x1080
RoanokeCentral Terminal EntranceSecurity 3x1 Video Wall plus PK2VW 5760x10809 (46) Linked LCD Screens at 12W x 7.5H30 seconds (unless domination has been purchased)
RoanokeDigital Visitor Info Centers
San Antonio2x2 46 Vidwall + 80 Lux (see notes) This loop matches VIDWALL but includes a 2x2 only code1920x1080
San Antonio6x Bag Claim 1920x1080
San Antonio8-10x 1920x1080
San Antonio2x above DPASS LCDs 1920x1080
San Antonio2x departures 1920x1080
San Antonio2x2 46 Vidwall + 80 Lux 1920x1080
Santa Barbara65 soffit mounted concourse LCD Runs on airport wifi1920x1080
Santa Barbara82 bag claim LCD 1920x1080
Santa Barbara2x 65 and 2x 55 concourse LCDs 1920x1080
South BendTerminal 1 and 3LED Video Wall 720x4509 (46) Linked LCD Screens at 12W x 7.5H30 seconds (unless domination has been purchased)
Santo Domingo100% of arrivals and departuresBag Claim screens 1920x108055 diagonal150 seconds
Santo DomingoTerminal 32x Main Terminal LCDs 1920x108012 w x 7.5 h30 seconds (unless dominational has been purchased)
SeattleLCDs above visitor information centers Can remove ticker to change spec from 1920x9401920x1080
Seattle32x 70 LCDs in Bag Claim Running the sync version of AdShow1920x1080
Orland Sanford100% of Terminal 1 2 and 3 (can be sold by terminal)3x3 video wall in the domestic lobby 2x21920x10808 w x 6 h90 seconds
Orlando Sanford55 Bag Belt LCDs 1920x1080
San FranciscoVertical Chase Lounge LCD Client exclusive (Chase)1080x1920
San FranciscoConcourse F LED Not live yet1224x340
San Francisco100% of Terminal 1 2 3 and 512x Bag Belt LCDs Not live yet1920x108084 diagonal90 seconds
San Francisco7x 2x2 vidwalls by Meridians Not live yet1920x1080
San Francisco3x 3x3 vidwalls by terminal (A F G) VIDWALLA F and G1920x1080
San FranciscoTerminal F 16:9 LED 1920x1080
San FranciscoTerminal 3 LEDs 1920x1080
San FranciscoOld Single 70 LCD with Meridian This should be being discontinued1920x1080
San FranciscoTerminal 2 LEDs PK2-LED-3-x1920x576
San FranciscoConcourse E LED 952x272
San JoseBag Belt (1) and Concourse (2) LCDs Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.13181920x1080
San JoseScreens above DPASS kiosks Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.13181920x1080
St Kitts3x 55 LCDs 2 outer screens show one thing inner screen another - updated to TimeSync v1920x1080
St. LuciaAirport FIDs JPG only1024x768
St. Lucia70 Bag Claim LCD 1920x1080
St. LuciaBaggage Claim46 Immigration LCD 1920x1080704 Minutes
SacramentoAirport vidwall 2 x2 Airport Content only1884x2124
SacramentoTerminals B (2 screens) C D E14x 65 LCDs? 1920x108070 diagonal60 seconds
SacramentoTerminal B and C7x 46 LCDs 1920x1080(4) 46 lcds wide by (2) 46 lcds high60 seconds
Sacramento2x3 side Ticker causing the weird resolution? Yes-3/3 jw3804x106265 x 3
St LouisFood Court and Shopping (Middle of Terminal B and C)9x BB LCDs 3 in terminal 2 6 in terminal 11920x1080Vertical 5560 seconds
St LouisFood Court and Shopping (Middle of Terminal B and C)4x 70 Concourse LCDs 1920x10808 55 Vertical screens60 seconds
St LouisFID towers (2x 4 high 1 wide video wall) 1x4 East and West locations1920x4320
St Louis3- 1x3 5760x1080
St. Louis100% of Arrivals and DeparturesDigital Visitor Info Centers
St. LouisDigital Visitor Info Centers
St Thomas100% of Airport4x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108010 57 & 35 4060 seconds
St. ThomasLeft (L) and Right (R) Littmans LCDs Client exclusive1920x1080
St Croix2x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
SyracuseAccuweather news 1920x1080
SyracuseAccuweather weather 1920x1080
Tobago2x 55 LCDs 1920x1080
Tobago2x 55 LCDs 1920x1080
Tallahassee2x 46 LCDs Specs are wrong Eyecycles is outputting 1920x10801268x768
Tampa Updated AdShow to Timesync version 11/30/151920x1080
Tampa32x Airport owned screens Airport prefers .mp41920x1080
TampaAirport Owned Vidwall Airport prefers .mp41920x1080
TampaBusch Gardens 3840x1080
TulsaArconas towers Vertical. Removed? No longer in the eyecycles portal.1080x1920
Tucson8x 52 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
Tucson6x 65 LCDs in between FIDs 1920x1080
Tucson2x Flightview LCDs Flightview JPG only205x768
Tucson2x Digital Visitor Info Center LCDs
Tyler80 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x1080
University ParkAccuweather news 1920x1080
University ParkAccuweather weather 1920x1080
Hewanorra80 Bag Claim LCD 1920x1080
Hewanorra70 Immigration LCD 1920x1080
Fort Walton Beach4x 75 Bag Deck LCDs 1920x1080
Fort Walton BeachAbsen LED 576x360