National Island All

Market Details

Description Physical Size
Loop Length
Dynamic Digital
AlbuquerqueBack to back 84 LCDs in lobby 1920x108016:9
Albuquerque70 Arrival LCD 1920x108016:9
Albuquerque70 Bag Claim LCDs 3 packages (123) 1920x108016:9
AlexandriaBID screens 1280x76884 LG
Alexandria1x LCD in Bag Claim 1920x108016:9
AlexandriaParagon Casino dedicated LCD 1920x108016:9
Antigua10x 65 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
Antigua3x 55 Immigration LCDs 1920x108016:9
Atlanta68x Overhead Zeus LED boards 1280x3603.55
Atlanta20x Bag Claim LCD network w/ 2 video walls 1920x108016:9
Atlanta19x Side Wall HD Video Walls 1920x108016:9
Atlanta17x Side Wall Panoramic Video Walls 3840x108032:984180 seconds
Atlanta6x Digital Visitor Info Center various tile sizes
Aruba3x Vertical 80 LCDs No internet connection manual updates only1080x19209:16
ArubaArrivals Zeus LED 1536x7682:1
Aruba6x 75 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
Aruba100% of arrivals and departures8x 55 Immigration LCDs 1920x108016:960 seconds
Austin8x 42 FIDs 1080x19209:16
AustinPackage of 5 Concourse LCDs 1080x19209:16
AustinPackage of 6 Large Format LCDs 1080x19209:16
AustinPackage of 2 Zeus LEDs 1280x768
AustinPackage of 6 Bag Claim LCDs Broken into 3 networks Bag Claim Ticketing Conc.1920x108016:9
AustinPackage of 7 Bag Claim LCDs Windows 101920x108016:9
AustinPackage of 2 Bag Claim LEDs 1980x480
Wilkes Barre2x LEDs in Bag claim Windows 10
KalamazooBag Claim LCD Windows 101920x108016:9
Samana3x Bag Claim 70 LCDs 1920x108016:9
BradleyConcourse Towers new units1080x19209:16
BradleyArrivals 70 LCD 1920x108016:9
BradleyPK6 Bag Claim screens and arrivals 70 Windows 101920x108016:9
BradleyVarious Digitial Visitor Info Center codes Windows 1016:9
BradleyArrivals Lobby 84 LCD Windows 101920x108016:984180 seconds
Bradley2x LED ticketing. 960x54016:9
Bakersfield82 and 75 LCDs in Bag Claim 1920x108016:9
Bangor84 LCD in bag claim Windows 101920x108016:960 seconds
Bismarck4x 65 LCD 1920x108016:960 seconds
BismarckVarious Digitial Visitor Info Center codes Windows 10
NashvilleInfax BIDS 40 .mp4 or .jpg1280x7685:3
Nashville16x 65 screens in bag claim 1920x108016:9
Nashville6x screens (2x 82 4x 65) in concourses. 1920x108016:9
Nashville2x 82 in bag claim. Individual DVIC tile resolutions vary.1920x108-16:9
Nashville2x LED in concourse C 1200x7205:3
Nashville2x LED in ticketing escalator soffits. Unusual resolution / aspect ratio1420x48071:24
BonaireAbsen LED Windows 10576x324
Baton Rouge100% of Bag Claim2x 80 LCDs 1920x108016:970 diagonal60 seconds
Belize84 LCD in gate hold 1920x108016:984
Belize2x 65 LCDs in Immigration Windows 101920x108016:965
Belize3x 55 LCDs in gate hold 1920x108016:955
Akron 1920x108016:9
Akron 1920x108016:9
Akron 5760x2160
ClevelandDirectory LCD 1280x72016:9
Cleveland4 LCDs above visitor information centers Eyecycle removed1920x108016:9
Cleveland3 Soffit screens Con A and C- Adshow Con B Eyecycles1920x108016:9
Cleveland6 PCs for 12 BB screens LCDs replaced scrollers. 75 LCDs in 2018 program.1920x108016:9
ClevelandAccuweather tower ad URL from flightview205x768
Cleveland13 concourse LCD screens. 65 LCDs in 2018 program.1920x108016:9
Cleveland3 88 LG Stretch Screens. 88 LG Stretch screens in 2018 program.3840x108032:9
Columbus4x FID LCDs 1280x7685:3
ColumbusAirport videowall .mp4 motion only on 30 sec ads16320x3072
Columbus3x screens at welcome center 1920x108016:970 diagonal60 seconds
Columbus100% of arrivals on respective concourse7x 70 Bag Belt LCD 1920x108016:9202 w x 45 h60 seconds
ColumbusConcourse B East and West7x 70 Bag Belt LCD 1920x108016:912 w x 7.5 h30 seconds (unless dominational has been purchased)
Columbus75% of Terminal A3x 80 Concourse LCDs 1920x108016:917 w x 10 h60 seconds
Columbus75% of Terminal B1x 70 Soffit LCDs 1920x108016:917 w x 10 h60 seconds
Columbus3x 2x1 Video stripe 3840x108032:965 x 3
Corpus Christi2x 75 LCDs 1920x108016:970 diagonal60 seconds
Corpus Christi1x 9.45 W x 7.56 H Absen LED 720x576
Daytona Beach65 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
Daytona Beach55 Visitor Info LCD 1920x108016:9
Daytona BeachConcourse LED 504x28816:965/55 diagonal
ReaganPK3VW-2 1680x480
Reagan100% of North terminal baggage claim.PK15LCD-1 1920x108016:975 diagonal90 seconds
ReaganPK3VW-1 2040x600
Reagan2x Video Walls (Client Exclusive) 3840x108032:9
Regan4x Vertical LCDs 1080x19209:16
Regan10x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
Denver4x Vertical 70 LCDs 1080x19209:16
DenverPackage of 2 vertical Westin FID LCDs 1080x19209:16
Denver100% of Concourse A B C and international passengers4x 70 Meridian-flanked LCDS 1920x108016:91/3 of screen (running along side of CNN Broadcast)60 seconds
Denver100% of concourse A tram users.8x Bag Claim 70 LCDs Updated to 2014.08.26-4:18PM Flash 16 Windows updates etc.1920x108016:911.5w x 8h60 seconds
DenverPackage of 4 2x2 escalator video walls 1920x108016:9
DenverTram 3x1 vert Not WMP have to use Quicktime here2304x13661152:683
DenverPackage of 2 2x5 video walls in A 4096x922
DenverPackage of 2 2x5 video walls in B 4096x922
DenverPackage of 2 2x5 video walls in C 4096x922
DenverPackage of 2 2x5 video walls in MT Southwest exclusive4096x922
DenverLED towers 576x5129:8
Denver100% of ArrivalsVarious Southwest verticals in security Southwest exclusive75 diagonal
Des Moines2x Bag Claim LED screens Part of PK2VW and PK3VW720x3602:1
Des Moines1x Lobby LED screen Part of PK2MIX and PK3VW810x45016:9
Des Moines1x security LCD - 75 Part of PK2MIX and LCD-11920x108016:9
Des Moines11x CNN Hold Room 52 LCDs MP4 w/ h264 15 or 30 sec time slots1920x108016:9
DetroitConcourse A Tram LCDs 4 tram cars 2 cars per screen1024x7684:3
DetroitDelta FID network McNamara landscape FID portion of PK43FID 1 unit in bag claim. 1280x76815:9
DetroitNorth terminal digital Walkway screens North Digital Package Walkway ad1360x76816:9
DetroitNorth terminal digital Vidwall screens North Digital Package Vidwall ad1360x76816:9
Detroit100% of Concourse D6x VIC LCDs Not timesync version. LAN is mix of hardwired and wireless.1920x108016:957 diagonal60 seconds
Detroit100% of Concourse DNorth terminal digital Hold rooms full North Digital Package Holdroom full screen ad 6 times per hour.1920x10809:161/3 of screen (running along side CNN Broadcast)60 seconds
DetroitCNN Network tower portion McNamara Digital Package tower runs 54 times per hour.240x4801:2
DetroitNorth terminal digital Hold rooms tower North Digital Package Holdroom tower ad 54 times per hour.240x4801:2
DetroitTerminal 2CNN Network full screen portion McNamara Digital Package full screen runs 6 timer per hour.640x4804:3
DetroitDelta FID network McNamara vertical portion of PK43FID 19 units768x12809:15
DetroitPackage of 18 Meridian attractor loop LAN is mix of hardwired and wireless.768x960
DetroitPackage of 8x 82 bag claim screens and 14x 55 walkway screens. North terminal. 1920x108016:9
DetroitNorth terminal portion of FIDs 1080x19209:16
Panama City2x 70 LCDs 1920x108016:9
Panama City46 LCD 1920x108016:9
Panama City46 LCD 1920x108016:9
El PasoPackage of 4 Bag claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
El PasoPackage of 8 Concourse LCDs 1920x108016:9
El PasoPackage of 2 soffit LEDs 960x256
El PasoVarious Digital Visitor Info Center spots
Fargo5x 82 BC and Concourse LCDs 1920x108016:9
Fargo1x Meridian Screensaver / Attractor 768x980
Fargo1x Meridian Meridian only
Fresno2x 65 LCDs Moved to AP2 with refurb1920x108016:9
FresnoAirport video wall 4096x1536
Fresno1x Meridian Screensaver / Attractor 768x980
Various8x Signature flight Support Lobby LCDs 1920x108016:9
Flagstaff65 LCD 1920x108016:9
Fort Lauderdale24x Bag Belt 46 LCDs 1920x108016:9
Fort Lauderdale6x 70 Concourse LCDs 1920x108016:9
Fort Lauderdale100% of baggage claimDPASS digital banner These units removed.5760x108016:357 diagonal4 minutes
Fort LauderdaleNew concourse zeus screens - A Concourse 3840x108032:9
Fort LauderdaleNew concourse zeus screens - B Concourse 3840x108032:9
Fort LauderdaleNew concourse zeus screens - C Concourse 3840x108032:9
Fort LauderdaleNew concourse zeus screens - D Concourse 3840x108032:9
Fort LauderdaleNew concourse zeus screens - E Concourse 3840x108032:9
Fort LauderdaleNew concourse zeus screens - F Concourse 3840x108032:9
Fort LauderdaleNew concourse zeus screens - G Concourse 3840x108032:9
Flint2x BC 75 1 x con 75 1920x108016:9
Grand Cayman6x 75 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:975
Grand CaymanImmigration Video Wall 960x810
Grand Turk70 LCD 1920x108016:9
GrenadaPackage of 3 75 LCDs in BC / Immig. 1920x108016:9
Grenada~8x5 N4 Absen LED 576x3601.6
GulfportAll Concourse 1280x72016:9
GulfportAll DPASSLCD 1280x72016:984 LG
GulfportAll Bag Claim 1280x72016:9
Gulfport70 Soffit LCD 1920x108016:9
GulfportIP Casino video wall 1920x1080
Gulfport2 - 2x2 46 screens 1920x108016:9
Greenbay2x LCDs 1920x108016:9
Killeen2x 70 LCD 1920x108016:9
Killeen80 LCD over elevator 1920x108016:9
Grand RapidsAirport owned BIDs 1280x7685:3
Greensboro7x FID LCDs 1080x19209:16
Greensboro4x 42 Ticketing LCDs 1280x72016:984
Greensboro4x 80 Back Wall BC 1920x108016:9
Greensboro6x 46 Arconas LCDs 1920x108016:9
Greensboro4x 55 Above Kiosk LCDs 1920x108016:9
Colombus2x 84 Lobby and Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:986
Guam100% of North Bag Claim4x Vertical Immigration LCDs 1080x19209:1642 diagonal60 seconds
Guam9x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
GuamCustoms LED
GuamEast and West Concourse LEDs
GuamSecurity LED
Honolulu20x Bag Deck 75 LCDs 1920x108016:9
Honolulu4x Arrivals LED video walls 576x360
Honolulu2x Ticketing LED video walls 640x36016:9
Harlingen12x 75 Airport Wide Network 1080x19209:1675
HuntsvilleBag Claim Package Infax1280x536160:67
Huntsville11x Concourse LCD Package 1920x108016:9
Huntsville6x LCDs 1920x108016:9
HuntsvilleSingle LCD 1920x108016:9
Huntsville2x2 46 1920x108016:9
Hyannis3x LCD 1920x108016:9
Dulles2x 82 LCDs in Terminal 1 Ticketing 1920x108016:9
DullesPK24LCD-2 1920x108016:9
DullesPart of PK9MIX 1200x360
DullesPart of PK9MIX 1344x768
DullesPart of PK9MIX 1680x480
DullesPK20LCD-1 1920x108016:986Diagonal
Dulles2x Video Walls 3840x108032:9
DullesPart of PK9MIX 840x48016:9
Witchita 1920x108016:9
Witchita 1920x108016:9
WitchitaVarious Digital Visitors Info Center spot
Idaho FallsConcourses A and T2x Vertical 70 Lizboard displays 1080x19209:167.5 h x 12 w30 seconds (unless domination has been purchased)
Idaho Falls1x 70 Bag Deck LCD 1920x108016:9
Indianapolis12x 65 LCDs Planar Monitors1920x108016:9
Indianapolis2x 70 LCDs Planar Monitors1920x108016:9
Indianapolis4x 65 DPASS LCDs Planar Monitors1920x108016:9
Indianapolis6x3 46 Sharp 3840x1080 with 3200x1080 live; updated to AdShow w/ timesync 4/27/153200x108080:27
Kingston4x 70 Bag Belt LCDs Not installed yet1920x108016:9
Lubbock4x 82 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
Lubbock4x 65 Concourse LCDs 1920x108016:9
Lafayette80 Lux LCD in Bag Claim 80 Lux1920x108016:9
Long BeachPackage of 2 LCDs - 85 1920x108016:9
Long BeachPackage of 2 LEDs 960x54016:9
Little Rock5x BID LCDs Comnet 1280x72016:9
Little RockLED Video Wall 1920x360
MidlandInfocenter LCD 1920x108016:9
Midland3x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
Midland4x Concourse LCDs 1920x108016:9
MidlandLobby LCD 1920x108016:9
MidlandHold Room LCD 1920x108016:9
Montego Bay3x Airport Directory Banners Banner runs at the top of the directory screen map below1080x320
Montego BayTerminal LED 1344x640
Montego BayBag Claim LED 1344x76816:9
Montego Bay8x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
Montego Bay3x Concourse LCDs 1920x108016:9
Montego BayImmigration LED 960x512
Kansas City8x Bag Claim 75 LCDs 1920x108016:9
Harrisburg46 Vertical LCD 1080x19209:16
Harrisburg8x 65 LCDs 1920x108016:9
Midway1x 84 LCD 1920x108016:9
Midway2x Meridian Screensaver/Attractor 768x980
MidwayVarious Southwest inventory in security Southwest exclusive
McAllen4x 70 LCDs 1920x108016:9
McAllenVarious Digital Visitor Info Center spots
Manchester5 65LCDs 1920x108016:9
Manchester1 70 2 80 2 55 1920x108016:9
Miami5x 70 VIC LCDs 1920x108016:970
MilwaukeeDPASS LCD 1280x7685:3
Milwaukee10x 57 Bag Claim LCDs Can upgrade to mov1920x108016:9
Milwaukee2x1 55 Samsung LCDs in video wall Rockwell exclusive3840x108032:9
MilwaukeeConcession Mall FIDs Can upgrade to mov768x12803:5
Milwaukee2x Concourse LED 1216x32019:5
Milwaukee5x 75 LCDs concourses C & D 1920x108016:9
Melbourne2x LED bag claim 630x3607:4
MelbourneLED - Lobby 1080x6485:3
Minneapolis16x 70 LCDs 1920x108016:9
MinneapolisTerminal 2 Breakout of MSP Bag Claim This breakout includes a code for JUST the 2x T2 LCDs1920x108016:9
MinneapolisPK8MIX-1 960x576
Minneapolis2x Mystic soffit LCDs Mystic exclusive1920x108016:9
Minneapolis4x 86 Concourse LCDs 1920x108016:986
New Orleans Replaced walk-31080x19209:16
New Orleans42 BID LCDs 1360x76885:48
New Orleans10x 80 LCDs 1920x108016:9
New Orleans4x DPASS LCDs 1920x108016:9
New Orleans3x Bag Claim Escalator LCDs 1920x108016:9
Montrose2x Bag Claim 65s 1920x108016:9
Oakland6x Bag Claim LCDs 4 new screens at terminal provided by airport. Departure screen may have been removed. Mix of hardwire and wireless LAN.1920x108016:9
OaklandDeparture Sec. LCDs 1920x108016:9
Oklahoma6x 70 LCDs 1920x108016:9
Oklahoma57 Concourse LCD 1920x108016:9
Omaha4x 65 LCDs 1920x108016:9
Omaha2x Soffit LCDs Ticker can probably be removed (specs say 1920x940 now)1920x108016:9
Omaha2-3x2 46 video walls 3x25760x2160
ChicagoUnited Soffit LEDs B or C Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.13181632x476
ChicagoBag Claim LCDs (by terminal) Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.13181920x108016:9
ChicagoEye level LCDs by terminal Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.13181920x108016:9
ChicagoMeridian-Flanked 84 LCDs Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.13181920x108016:9
Chicago12x Zeus LED network Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.1318480x28882 diagonal
Sanford Domestic55 Bag Belt LCDS 1920x108016:9
Sanford DomesticDomestic 3x3 vidwall 3x31920x108016:9
Palm Beach8x back to back bag deck 55 LCDs 1280x7685:3
Palm Beach5 backwall LCDs 1920x108016:9
Palm Beach52 Concourse LCD 1920x108016:9
Palm Beach2x LCDs above DPASS Ticker can probably be removed (specs say 1920x930 now)1920x108016:9
Newport News2x 65 Soffit LCDs 1920x108016:9
Philadelphia22x 70 LCDs BCA and BCBC too Bag Claim BCA and BC broken out separately1920x108016:9
Philadelphia5x 70 LCDs 1920x108016:9
Philadelphia2x4 Video Wall on Concourse B 4x23840x108032:9
Philadelphia2x4 Video Wall on Concourse C 3840x108032:9
PhiladelphiaAdmotion 4x Vertical Screens 1 or 2 4x1 two executions required for reading angle4320x19209:465 diagonal
Philadelphia53x airport LCDs Various sizes specs
Peoria65 LCD 1920x108016:9
St. Petersburg8x 55 LCDs on Bag Decks 1920x108016:9
St. PetersburgMeridian Meridian only
Provodenciales2x 75 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
Provodenciales3x 55 Immigration LCDs 1920x108016:9
ProvidencialesCustoms Hall Video Wall 1920x108016:9
ProvidencialesImmigration Hall LCD 1920x108016:9
ProvidencialesCustoms Hall LCD 1920x108016:9
Puerta Plata3x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
Trinidad8x 75 LCDs in Bag Claim Had to run this in Quicktime mode due to side-by-side1920x108016:9
Trinidad6x 55 LCDs in the East and West Hold Rooms 1920x1080
Trinidad2x 55 LCDs in the Tobago Holdroom 1920x108016:9
Trinidad2x Immigration LED video walls Latest AdShow but USB vid adapters wont allow WMP - set to Quicktime1440x21680:9
Pasco2x Bag Claim LCDs 2x Concourse 1x Concourse player/LCD pending1920x108016:9
PascoDigital Visitor Info Center
Punta Cana11x mix of LCDs and LEDs 1920x108016:9
Portland Maine3x BID screens airport Manual airport updates1024x7684:3
Portland MainePackage of 2 LEDs 800x36020:9
Portland MainePackage of 7 concourse 65 verticals 1080x19209:16
Raleigh3x 57 LCDs? Updated to WMP1920x108016:9
RaleighDepartures 2x2 videowall 1920x108016:9
RaleighBag Belt Group 1 Aiport will control Screens as of 4/13/141920x108016:9
RaleighBag Belt Group 2 Aiport will control Screens as of 4/13/141920x108016:9
RaleighConcourse LCDs 1920x108016:9
RaleighCurved Video Wall 2304x972
Reno4x 75 Concourse LCDs 1920x108016:9
Reno12x 75 bag claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
Reno4x GSR1-4 for 4 client exclusive LCDs Client exclusive1920x108016:9
RenoClient exclusive LED - CVB 4080x76885:16
RenoDigital Visitor Info Center This was converted to WRLCD
RenoMezzanine LED 1408x51211:4
RenoGSR exclusive LED 1408x32022:5
RenoWhy Reno LCD converted from DVIC location. 1920x108016:9
RoanokePackage of 2 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
RoanokeLobby 3x1 Video Wall plus PK2VW Video encoding size of 4096x7685760x108048:9
RoanokeCentral Terminal EntranceSecurity 3x1 Video Wall plus PK2VW Video encoding size of 4096x7685760x108048:99 (46) Linked LCD Screens at 12W x 7.5H30 seconds (unless domination has been purchased)
RoanokeDigital Visitor Info Centers
San Diego12 LCDs in Bag Claim 1920x108016:9
San Diego14 LCDs on the Concourse 1920x108016:9
San Antonio2x2 46 Vidwall + 80 Lux (see notes) This loop matches VIDWALL but includes a 2x2 only code1920x108016:9
San Antonio6x Bag Claim 1920x108016:9
San Antonio8-10x 1920x108016:9
San Antonio2x above DPASS LCDs 1920x108016:9
San Antonio2x departures 1920x108016:9
San Antonio2x2 46 Vidwall + 80 Lux 1920x108016:9
Santa Barbara65 soffit mounted concourse LCD Runs on airport wifi1920x108016:9
Santa Barbara82 bag claim LCD 1920x108016:9
Santa Barbara2x 65 and 2x 55 concourse LCDs 1920x108016:9
South BendTerminal 1 and 3LED Video Wall 720x45016:99 (46) Linked LCD Screens at 12W x 7.5H30 seconds (unless domination has been purchased)
Santo Domingo100% of arrivals and departuresBag Claim screens 1920x108016:955 diagonal150 seconds
Santo DomingoTerminal 32x Main Terminal LCDs 1920x108016:912 w x 7.5 h
SeattleLCDs above visitor information centers Can remove ticker to change spec from 1920x9401920x108016:9
Seattle32x 70 LCDs in Bag Claim Running the sync version of AdShow1920x108016:9
Orland Sanford100% of Terminal 1 2 and 3 (can be sold by terminal)3x3 video wall in the domestic lobby 2x21920x108016:98 w x 6 h90 seconds
Orlando Sanford55 Bag Belt LCDs 1920x108016:9
San FranciscoVertical Chase Lounge LCD Client exclusive (Chase)1080x19209:16
San FranciscoConcourse F LED Not live yet1224x340
San Francisco100% of Terminal 1 2 3 and 512x Bag Belt LCDs Not live yet1920x108016:984 diagonal90 seconds
San Francisco7x 2x2 vidwalls by Meridians Not live yet1920x108016:9
San Francisco3x 3x3 vidwalls by terminal (A F G) VIDWALLA F and G1920x108016:9
San FranciscoTerminal F 16:9 LED 1920x108016:9
San FranciscoTerminal 3 LEDs 1920x108016:9
San FranciscoTerminal 2 LEDs PK2-LED-3-x1920x576
San FranciscoConcourse E LED 952x272
San JoseBag Belt (1) and Concourse (2) LCDs Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.13181920x108016:9
San JoseScreens above DPASS kiosks Updated to Timesync version 2014.08.26.13181920x108016:9
St Kitts4x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
St Kitts3x 55 LCDs 2 outer screens show one thing inner screen another - updated to TimeSync v1920x108016:9
St KittsStandalone LCD 1920x108016:9
St. LuciaAirport FIDs JPG only1024x7684:3
St. Lucia70 Bag Claim LCD 1920x108016:9
St. LuciaBaggage Claim46 Immigration LCD 1920x108016:9704 Minutes
SacramentoAirport vidwall 2 x2 Airport Content only1884x2124157:177
SacramentoTerminals B (2 screens) C D E14x 65 LCDs? 1920x108016:970 diagonal60 seconds
SacramentoTerminal B and C7x 46 LCDs 1920x108016:9(4) 46 lcds wide by (2) 46 lcds high60 seconds
Sacramento2x3 side Ticker causing the weird resolution? Yes-3/3 jw3804x1062634:17765 x 3
Sacramento65 client exclusive Uses ubiquiti wireless access point1920x108016:9
Sacramento65 client exclusive Uses ubiquiti wireless access point1920x108016:9
St LouisFood Court and Shopping (Middle of Terminal B and C)9x BB LCDs 3 in terminal 2 6 in terminal 11920x108016:9Vertical 5560 seconds
St LouisFood Court and Shopping (Middle of Terminal B and C)4x 70 Concourse LCDs 1920x108016:98 55 Vertical screens60 seconds
St LouisFID towers (2x 4 high 1 wide video wall) 1x4 East and West locations1920x43204:9
St Louis3- 1x3 5760x108016:3
St. Louis100% of Arrivals and DeparturesDigital Visitor Info Centers
St. LouisDigital Visitor Info Centers
St Thomas100% of Airport4x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:910 57 & 35 4060 seconds
St. ThomasLeft (L) and Right (R) Littmans LCDs Client exclusive1920x108016:9
St Croix2x Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
Tobago2x 55 LCDs 1920x108016:9
Tobago2x 55 LCDs 1920x108016:9
Tallahassee2x 46 LCDs 1920x108016:9
Tampa Updated AdShow to Timesync version 11/30/151920x108016:9
Tampa32x Airport owned screens Airport prefers .mp41920x108016:9
TampaAirport Owned Vidwall Airport prefers .mp41920x108016:9
TampaRemoved Removed3840x108032:9
TulsaRemoved Removed1080x19209:16
Tucson8x 52 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
Tucson2x Business Center LCDs May be client exclusive1920x108016:9
Tucson6x 65 LCDs in between FIDs 1920x108016:9
Tucson2x Digital Visitor Info Center LCDs
Tyler80 Bag Claim LCDs 1920x108016:9
University ParkAccuweather news 1920x108016:9
University ParkAccuweather weather 1920x108016:9
Hewanorra80 Bag Claim LCD 1920x108016:9
Hewanorra70 Immigration LCD 1920x108016:9
Fort Walton Beach4x 75 Bag Deck LCDs 1920x108016:9
Fort Walton BeachAbsen LED 576x360